• Clean. Free. Protected. 5 days Detox
  • Heroin Detox from 1300 GBP
  • 12mns Naltrexone Blocker
  • Clean. Free. Protected. 5 days Detox

  • Heroin Detox from 1300 GBP

  • 12mns Naltrexone Blocker

Budget Opiate Detox & Naltrexone Implants

Withdrawals free, easy and comfortable coming off drugs while sleeping, followed by heroin blocker implant at the lowest costs

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Rapid Opiate Detoxes under total anaesthesia and in the partial sedation

    1. You are sleeping while getting off drugs, not suffering from cold turkey, pain or discomfort. Feeling absolutely nothing while detoxifying from heroin.
    2. The Modern Rapid Opioid Detox medical technologies allow timely preventing any withdrawal symptoms, to achieve a drugs free state of body quickly and easily
    3. The whole heroin detox process takes 5-7 inpatient days and you can go home in a good state

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Naltrexone Implants (opioid blocker pellets)

    1. Heroin blocker prevents relapse
    2. Naltrexone treatment  helps to reduce and eliminate craving for drugs 
    3. Naltrexone implants  is the most effective cure in heroin addiction treatment
    4. Slow released opioid antagonist Naltrexone blocks the receptors and heroin effects for the long period of time
    5. Naltrexone implant is the most effective modern cure in heroin addiction treatment.  See our patients testimonials   on their experience with heroin blocker

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Rapid Opiate Detox Clinic and Naltrexone Treatment facility

    1. A personal Rapid Drug Detox and Naltrexone maintenance model is planned for each patient individually. Different medical technologies and protocols require a specialized Drug Rehab Facility and expert teams
    2. Rapid Opiate Detox Clinic for patients from UK, Ireland and Continental Europe is specialised to perform the Anesthesia Assisted Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification and in-patient aftercare for 4-6 days
    3. Naltrexone Implant Treatment facility and its team are ready to admit you for the opioid blocker subcutaneous placement without waiting lists and deposits for the lowest costs in UK and Europe.

How people deal with drug and alcohol addiction?

  • Some are trying to undergo a home detox, but quit when withdrawals become unbearable
  • Some start going to a 12 Steps Meetings, but keep thinking of drugs and alcohol all the time
  • Others switch to legal opiates and continue using Methadone or Buprenorphine but this is in fact the opposite of kicking of drugs
  • There are people who manage to stop using heroin, but end up using alcohol, cocaine, cannabis...

A concrete solution of your drug and alcohol addiction problem

Over the past 20 years we gave thousands of people an opportunity to experience a concrete solution to their substance abuse problem. We offer an effective, modern way of alcohol and drug addiction treatment, for a wide variety of substance abuse. Our Opiate Detox is an excellent method to detoxify body from heroin,  Methadone,  Buprenorphine in a rapid, safe and withdrawals free way followed by Naltrexone implants (opiate blocker) -  the best relapse protection.