Easy Admittance to the Easy Heroin Detox Clinic

We understand very well how important it is for you to undergo a Rapid Drug Detox and Naltrexone implant treatment as quicker as possible, while avoiding potential problems and saving time and money. We have extensive experience in organizing your admission and providing successful opiate dependency treatment.

You can immediately get information over the phone +44 20 3289 8289 or make an inquiry by e-mail at refindyourway@gmail.com.

Should our medical team have confirmed that you could be admitted on the following day if you'd like, you may book your room at the Easy Heroin Detox Clinic and come over. You only need to follow the following instructions step by step:

  1. After learning about our EASY HEROIN DETOX from your friends or by searching the internet, contact us by e-mail refindyourway@gmail.com, phone +44 20 3289 8289 or by filling out the contact form
  2. The next step is a preliminary diagnostic. We will mail you a short questionnaire along with preliminary information regarding the costs and other organization details (please check your spam/junk mail box!).
  3. After having received information about your personal situation, we will be able to give you a detailed detox programme plan.
  4. The next step is setting up the admission/discharge dates.
  5. Afterwards, you will send us your flight itinerary by e-mail refindyourway@gmail.com
  6. You will be picked up from the Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla at Arrivals (our Program Manager will be holding a tag with your name on it) and transferred to our EASY HEROIN DETOX FACILITY (Should you be having some cold turkey symptoms, you will get relieving therapy immediately).
  7. Transfer to the EASY HEROIN DETOX FACILITY will take 40-50min approx.

Your personal opiate dependency treatment program will start at the moment of you arrival to the Clinic and end at the moment of discharge.

Allow us to make your admission for the treatment easy and economical by following our instructions and staying in touch refindyourway@gmail.com or +44 20 3289 8289