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Low cost opiate detox facility

For the majority of our clients from Great Britain and Ireland, the most important factor of opiate detoxification makes:

  • Painlessness, easiness and comfort during the drugs detox in sleep
  • Detox safety to psychical and mental condition of a patient
  • Minimum costs of an inpatient opiate detox treatment

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It’s also of great importance to be able to easily and quickly get admitted at our Drug Detox Clinics, to hava 24/7 medical assistance available, to have a private room not to be disturbed during sleeping and resting, to choose meals from the local restaurants, to have internet access and be able to stay in touch with relatives, to receive medical recommendation and medications for the further treatment at home. It’s desirable for the patients from UK and Ireland to leave the Opiate Detox Clinic in an active state. To get back home and not having to stay in bed for few more days, but to get back to your life as soon as possible. And saved money, thank to low-cost heroin detox, can be put into Naltrexone implant or dental treatment, cosmetic treatment etc.

Above mentioned requests and wishes are followed troughs in the specialized facility “Easy Heroin Detox VITA” by the means of painless cleansing of opiates along with pharmacological body revitalization to achieve better state during and after impatient addiction treatment. Our medical team make physicians, psychiatrists and nurses, highly trained for such modern technological opiate detox protocol without cold turkey symptoms.

Your personal pharmacological opiate dependency treatment model is planned from day to day to be adjusted according to the patient’s condition dynamics. A standard price of a 7 days comfortable in patient detox is GBP 1550.

Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification facility

Some patients have limited time span to undergo an inpatient opiate detox. Others prefer undergoing a prolonged total anesthesia procedure instead of light pharmacological sleep. Regardless the fact that an Anaesthesia Assisted Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification is outdated and expensive and that instant opiate with drawling on the top of many hours of total anesthesia cause significant stress to one’s body. This serious procedure requires time for an outpatient rehabilitation and gradual recovery of body’s functions and general tonus.

We have a specialized facility with a team of anesthesiologists to perform such a responsible procedure like Anaesthesia Assisted Ultra Rapid Opioid Detox. There is reliable modern equipment and instruments for exact dosing of IV drips and injections, for mechanical lung ventilation and correct oxygen dosage. There are cardio monitors and oximeters for constant control of the most important body functions. The medical staff is trained in performing all necessary medical technologies. After 24h Drug Detox, a patient is allowed to stay at the Clinic under continuous supervision for few more days, to speed up their rehabilitation.

Naltrexone Implant facility

Subcutaneous fitting of Naltrexone pellets seems to be very simple at the first glance. The procedure is performed by a trained surgeon, in local anesthesia trough 1,5 inch incision and takes about 4 to 5 minutes. Then 2-3 stitches follow along with a sterile wound dressing. Still, as a foreign body is being fit into one’s body for the period of few months, a special training is required to work with Naltrexone implants, as they have high pharmacological and chemical activity.

Naltrexone Implant Clinic has fully equipped and licensed surgical premises, professional equipment and medications. In order to fit the implant correctly to patients of different age, body build and previous surgical history, operates an experienced surgeon with the assistance of a trained nurse. After this easy and quick intervention, a patient takes medications to protect them from inflammatory and allergic reactions.

Learn more of how clients from United Kingdom and Ireland can be admitted for the treatment at  Drug Detox Clinics and Naltrexone Implant Clinic at low costs and in short time span.

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