Naltrexone Implant Costs

Costs of Naltrexone Implants (Heroin Blockers)

When choosing to use our Naltrexone treatment Clinic in Europe, feel free to compare prices of Depot Naltrexone pellets in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Continental Europe, USA and Australia.

Generally we find that our patients are happy with our prices and prefer paying GBP 1200 for a 6 months anti-heroin implant and GBP 2100 for a 12 month one.

A 3 months implant costs GBP 550.

The final price of the Naltrexone implant depends significantly on how many sellers have increased its costs before it reaches a patient i.e. the journey from the provider to the end seller.

Another important factor to consider is the country within which the Naltrexone Clinic is based; how much do people pay for heroin in that location and how much are the users willing to pay for the opiate blocker chip.