ReVia, Antaxon, Naltrexone-Hydrochloride, Depade, Trexan, Nalorex

Naltrexone is the most reliable and popular treatment in prevention of relapse in substance (drug or alcohol) abuse

Read about Naltrexone implants.

Oral Naltrexone or Naltrexone pill is available in tablet or capsule form and contains a daily dose of 50mg of blocker, which is sufficient to protect all opiate receptors for 24 hours. Registered names for oral Naltrexone are Revia, Trexane, Depade, Nalorex, Antaxone, Naltrexone hydrochloride.

When are Naltrexone tablets indicated?

Oral Naltrexone is indicated in the following cases:
  1. Allergic reaction to Naltrexone implant or Naltrexone injection components.
  2. During the vulnerable period when the effect of an implant has already ended, and the next blocker has not yet been placed.
  3. Naltrexone Prophylaxis - in cases where a person is not on the system yet and irregularly consumes heroin or other opiates, or in the days of increased risk.
Naltrexone tablets contraindications:
  1. The active phase of hepatitis with elevated levels of aminotransferases or bilirubin
Important notice:
Opioid receptor blockade with oral Naltrexone is meaningful only if used responsibly, regularly and without flaws. It is necessary to take Naltrexone tablets daily. This is easy when one's mood is stable and there is a high motivation for a clean life. Naltrexone therapy may become a serious problem when there are mood swings, when one suffers with insomnia, anxiety, depression. Or when one is reminded of the past thanks to old friends - the addicts and dealers. A patient is forced to choose every day: Naltrexone pill or drugs - and this is often a very difficult decision. Relapse in heroin (opiate) addiction can happen when a person forgets to take the blocker tablet, or does not bring enough Naltrexone pills when traveling, or is not able to buy the pills in time, etc...

Other names of Naltrexone pills are as follows: ReVia, Antaxon, Naltrexone-Hydrochloride, Depade, Trexan, Nalorex.
Modern medicine has solved the above mentioned problems by various forms of Naltrexone with long-term effects.