Naltrexone implant treatment: step by step

  1. After you learn the information regarding Naltrexone maintenance on our website, you contact us and ask your questions.
  2. Then, after getting all the answers you need to be able to fully understand Naltrexone Implant Treatment, you make a responsible decision regarding the beginning of your Naltrexone program, Depo Naltrexone form (subcutaneous pellets, either intramuscular injection, either combination of two) and the length. We recommend that the first Naltrexone implant should be not longer than for 6 months. In the future you may choose different implants according to the doctors’ advice.
  3. You reply to a few questions regarding your health and recent opiate drugs intake. Note: it is necessary to be 7 days without heroin, tramadol, morphium and 10 days without methadone, buprenorphine, morphine sulfate, prescribed painkillers and other long acting opioids. Should you require a painfree low-cost Rapid Opiate Detox, feel free to let us know. We can book a room for you at one of our Opiate Detox Clinics.
  4. Contact us at or +44 20 3289 8289 to make an appointment of your opiate blocker procedure. We don’t take any prepayments or deposits.
  5. After having received our confirmation regarding the date and time of your appointment, you should be at the Naltrexone Implant Clinic on time. Should you be travelling to Belgrade by plane, our personnel could meet you at the arrivals at the Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla and transfer you to the Clinic. Meeting and transfer from the airport are free of charge if you book that service beforehand, simultaneously with your appointment and mail us a copy of your flight ticket. Should you getting the implant after an Easy Opiate Detox with us, we will arrange your implant appointment and transfer to the airport.
  6. After arriving at the Naltrexone Implant Clinic, an urine opiate test will take place.
  7. Then preliminary consultation and paperwork take place. You will go to a surgical room to undergo a 5min intervention. A professor of surgery with continuous experience with Naltrexone Implant Treatment since 2007th is fitting the implant.
  8. After the subcutaneous blocker is fitted, you will receive anti-inflammatory medications and recommendations.
  9. Then transfer from the Naltrexone Implant Clinic to the airport or accommodation takes place (it must be booked along with the appointment).
  10. According to the Naltrexone Implant Treatment program, you will take care of the sterile wound dressing change, taking the stitches of, regular monitoring contact with our medical experts and execution of other written recommendations.
  11. The following Naltrexone implant can be booked two weeks beforehand.