Buprenorphine Detox (UK, Ireland, Continental Europe)

Low cost in-patient Detoxification from Subutex (Suboxone) from 1400 GBP. No Pain. No Stress. No Sleeplessness.

Buprenorphine is a synthetic opioid and a powerful painkiller; a modern way of providing opiate substitution in heroin addiction treatment. Sometimes, Buprenorphine is administrated in alcohol addiction treatment as a harm reduction remedy, as well as in the treatment of some other chemical dependencies. When taken orally, Subutex doesn't give any opiate high affect and some find that it doesn't cause psychological dependency either as it increases opiate tolerance. However, the synthetic opioid can rapidly lead to a strong psychical addiction and getting off Buprenorphine is not so simple.

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For those who have decided to stop using Subutex (Suboxone), we offer a budget professional inpatient Buprenorphine Detox at the lowest costs in UK and Europe.

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At our Opiate Detox Clinic each patient gets a private room, effective prevention of withdrawal symptoms, good sedation and the ability to make the most of important periods of Subutex detoxification which go unnoticed during a pharmacologically induced sleep. 24/7 medical supervision and additional therapy support is available immediately if required.

The Buprenorphine elimination from the system process is done gradually without acceleration and stress. It usually takes longer than Heroin or Tramadol detoxification.
Due to this, the Buprenorphine Detox passes easily: there is no pain and no stress or insomnia. You won't even notice the cleansing process in some way, and won't experience any kind of cold turkey symptoms.

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Psychological Aspects of the Buprenorphine (Subutex, Suboxone) Habit and the Craving Treatment

Despite the fact that Buprenorphine doesn't allow one to get high, many people experience psychological addiction from this medication and it's not really possible to just forget all about it after a successful detoxification. Subconscious attachment to Buprenorphine, the daily ritual of sucking the pill and the dosages decreasing-increasing game become harbingers of significant cravings. This is especially pronounced in those who were forced to get pain management with Suboxone when having serious discomfort and subconsciously fear that the pain could resume, even though the cause was eliminated a long time ago.

We offer personal anti-craving programs, designed and planned for each person individually. Pharmacological and holistic therapy as well as special Naltrexone implants (opiate blockers) is applied.

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