Rapid Methadone Detox

Low cost Methadone Detox from 1100GBP

Detoxification from Methadone in 9-12 days: no pain, no insomnia or any withdrawals for UK, Ireland and English speaking patients worldwide.

Methadone - synthetic opioid developed in 1937 th in Germany. Methadone is still used widely as a substitution in heroin dependency treatment.
However, we keep hearing about patients' and doctors' dissatisfaction, that Methadone is in some ways worse than heroin self:

  1. It's more toxic than heroin and many other opiates and long term intake leads to complications
  2. Tolerance to Methadone increases rapidly and some addicts tend to increase their daily dosage from 40mg to 400mg being forced to buy it from drug dealers
  3. Many patients don't stop using heroin, but top it up with Methadone
  4. Some addicts inject it intravenously that inevitably leads to dangerous complications
  5. It's almost impossible to quit Methadone cold turkey as the suffering is incomparably worse than from heroin

A comfortable inpatient detox from Methadone (Heptanone, LAAM) requires more time, medications, and most of all - qualified medical personnel.
There are many other reasons why people from UK and Ireland wish to get off Methadone.

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Methadone detox and protection from relapse by anti-opiate blocker - Naltrexone implant (Naltrexone chip)

Rapid Methadone Detox and relapse protection with the opiate blocker chip - Naltrexone Implant
The usual Detoxification from Methadone is a slow opioid reduction by 5mg per week with possibility to increase dosages in cases of patient's bad state. 
  • I will not live a day to decrease my 250mg to zero - one of our patients once said.
  • A junky will always find a reason why is now not the right moment to decrease Methadone intake - said another.
  • What's the point to slowly and painfully wean off Methadone substitution if one feels like heroin immediately? - asked the third one.
All of them were undergoing the opiate addiction treatment many times and ended in Methadone program without seeing the way out from the trap.

We are convinced that getting off Methadone must be quick and easy in special Opiate Detox Clinic, without pain, stress or suffering. Therefore we have a
spectrum of treatment methods of Methadone addiction, starting with Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification under total anesthesia to Accelerated Methadone Detox
by the use of opiate agonists-antagonists in effective cold-turkey prevention. Our experts develop a personal model of a comfortable Rapid Methadone Detox.
After a pain free Methadone detox, it is necessary to maintain the abstinence and to protect one from relapse by the means of long term opioid blocker. Our
patients prefer 6 and 12 months Naltrexone pellets implants, by fitting them under the skin in the lower part of abdomen, after the final tests to opiate free state.

Discuss with our doctors your Rapid Methadone Detox Clinic options opiate dependency treatment. 
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