The low-cost treatment program includes the following:

1. Inpatient opiate detox during the planned period of time, 24/7 medical supervision and assistance, accommodation in a hospital room, 3 meals a day.

2. Start of Naltrexone maintenance (subcutaneous pellets, injections, tablets) - optional.

All additional medical, organizational, psychological and consultative services as well as additional meals and nonmedical attendance can be ordered at additional costs

Low costs policy allows you to avoid high expenses and to save your funds when the whole process is organized correctly. Our Program Manager helps you during the organization process. In order to achieve optimal planning, a client informs himself about their Detox and Naltrexone Treatment program on this website, communicates by e-mails with our Program Manager, clarifies and refines all that is required, follows the instructions timely and accurately, cooperates at all stages of preparation and execution of their personal treatment program in a positive manner.

When patient interestedly and disciplined follows the instructions and program conditions, achieves a positive result with minimum expenses. In some cases, patient needs additional paid expert advice and organizational assistance with the participation of their Program Manager.

Neither deposits nor prepayments are charged before admission to the treatment, therefore we don’t take any reliability in case of cancelation of the scheduled admission, client’s failure to arrive at the clinic at the appointed time, in case of changes of plans and life circumstances. Clinic also reserves the right to change the patient's treatment plan or to decline the admission if the planned treatment program comes out not to be suitable for that particular patient. No compensations or refunds are possible.

Admission to the treatment is possible only after The House Rules are read, accepted and signed by a patient. Should a patient changes their mind, refuses to comply the acknowledged rules, must notify the Clinic in written, and get discharged from the Clinic. Should a patient violates the acknowledged rules, doesn't cooperate with the clinic staff, shows any kind of aggression or risky behavior, will be immediately discharged from the Clinic, without any compensation and refunds. This low-cost detox+implant program is nonrefundable.

To make the planning and preliminary preparations as well as the treatment program optimally easy, comfortable and economical, it is important to be in continual contact with your Program Manager by e-mail. Only written correspondence insures the proper communication, avoids misunderstandings, inaccuracies and forgetting of important medical and organizational moments. Matters of your health demand maximum accuracy.

Before booking a treatment program and arrival, a patient makes themselves familiar with this website’s content, asks the questions and thinks the entire information trough. A patient provides truthful information about their problem, answers to our medical team’s and Program Manager’s questions.

Booking of a personal, mutually agreed program follows, booking of a place at the Clinic and confirmation of the date and times. Then, booking of the flights follow and mailing of the flight booking confirmation to our Program Manager as a proof of serious attentions as well as patient's acknowledgement to all Terms and Conditions written here. Preparation for the treatment may begin.

Preliminary treatment plan could be modified by a medical doctor if patient had given incorrect or insufficient preliminary information about themselves, if during the diagnostic and treatment process were discovered previous illness or other factors affecting the personal program, medical situation, if patient refuses planned medical procedures or asks for additional medical procedures not included in the treatment plan. In such cases, date and time of the treatment program ending can be changed; additional charges may be applied to cover medical procedures and change of dates of return home. It is necessary to have enough credit on the phone to be able to inform close ones as well as a device for internet communication.

Our facilities offer low cost treatment to the clients with drugs and alcohol addiction without comorbid physical and mental disorders.

24/7 medical supervision is available during the inpatient treatment. We don’t provide accompaniment, supervision or assistance at the airport, train station or bus station, during the transport,  hotels and other places outside of the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facilities (we don’t owe the license either resources to do so).


RefindYourWay  low-cost treatment programs are indicated for adults, self-sufficient and independent, physically healthy and motivated to get clean/sober people with addiction issues who want to save their money by choosing basic medical services package of qualified drug or alcohol detox and Naltrexone maintenance at minimum prices.

Meaning that a patient independently (and with the help of their close ones) studies all the necessary information regarding the treatment they are interested in, paying close attention to the Treatment management , Terms and Conditions, House Rules,  Indications, Aftercare, FAQ.  

Learning of other treatment programs to have better idea of advantages and specifics of the treatment methods, to be able to compare the treatment methods and make a meaningful choice. They prepare and mail us their questions regarding the treatment to come, receive and think through the answers to make their own decision regarding the treatment.
They plan their travel independently with the help of their close ones, prepare, receives the travel guidelines and advices from the facility, book their flights to the addiction treatment facility and back home, book the place at the facility and receive confirmation.

Should patient require our free transfer to the facility, it is necessary to book it before hand by mailing their flight tickets to Belgrade and return. Afterwards an arrival confirmation is required to be sent right before the departure.  

Patient and their relatives must be sure of him/her being able to prepare themselves for the treatment on their own (of them being capable of passing the airport check-in procedure, to keep in contact by mobile phone or e-mail) and get to the facility without problems. Then to be able to go through the full treatment program, to return home according to the plan and to follow all the aftercare recommendations under the supervision of the GP and/or other local medical experts.   

Should patient or their close ones be not sure of them being capable of meeting the requirements mentioned above, treatment abroad is not indicated in those cases and it is strongly advised to remise the RefindYourWay low-cost treatment programs  either discuss travelling and being accompanied by a responsible and respected by patient relative without drugs and alcohol addiction background.

In cases when a detox treatment candidate doesn’t fulfill the personally planned travel and treatment program, they (patient) will take full responsibility for it including all the consequences that follow.

Should a patient who doesn’t meet the requirements still comes for a treatment abroad, their admission may be declined either may be discharged before ending the treatment program. The facility is not responsible in anyway for arranging such patient’s accommodation, organization of their return home etc.

Patients must have a travel medical insurance covering the whole travel period.


To make your stay at our clinic as pleasurable as possible, we kindly ask you to observe and acknowledge the following house rules. We care about your well-being – help us create an atmosphere of mutual respect!

1. Therapeutic cooperation with the clinic staff

In order to ensure a successful treatment and smooth procedures, all patients, escorts and visitors are kindly asked to follow the instructions of the doctors and hospital staff of the clinic.

- To provide complete and precise information of yourself and your health condition by answering the doctors’ and other medical staff questions

- To take the therapy and follow medical advices and protocols disciplined and timely

- To communicate respectfully and in delicate manner within the clinic

2. Therapeutic and safe environment at the clinic

- Patients and hospital staff at the clinic are asked to treat each other with respect and consideration, particularly regarding unnecessary noise and disturbances

- To patiently wait for the staff to approach when called

- To take care of the clinic’s property

3. Organization of the treatment process

- You will be able to use your personal stuff, which are allowed by the medical staff (the rest will be kept in safe)

- To carry out the planned procedures during the admission, treatment process and discharge from the clinic, timely and under the supervision of the clinic’s staff

The following is forbidden:

Provocation, hostile, threatening and aggressive behavior during the treatment program

Contact with other patients without special doctor’s permission

To leave your room without permission and escort of a nurse

To disturb other patients and personnel

To make noise, scream, speak loudly, turn the music or TV loudly

To have forbidden items in your room

To damage other peoples’ property (any damage has to be compensate for)

To smoke where it’s not allowed

To consume alcohol, drugs, or medications which are not prescribed by doctors

Booking of a personal, mutually agreed program follows.

Booking of a place at the Clinic and confirmation of the date and times.

Then, booking of the flights follow and mailing of the flight booking confirmation to our Program Manager as a proof of serious attentions as well as patient's acknowledgement to all Terms and Conditions written here.

Preparation for the treatment may begin.