Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification from 1500 GBP

Why patients from UK and Ireland look for Ultra Rapid Opiate Detox under total anesthesia or sedation?

It seems to be withdrawals free and fast. What more can one, disappointed by number of attempts to get off drugs cold turkey or undergoing long methadone reduction or other substitutional opioid, wish for?

How much does an Opiate Detox Cost?

When medical protocol of ULTRA RAPID OPIOID DETOXIFICATION was developed, by Israeli experts in the 70's of the last century, following the order of Ministry of Defense, it was a revolutionary heroin dependency and other opiates addiction treatment. Doctors were literally flushing out the majority of opiate molecules by detaching them from the cells by the means of powerful opioid receptors antagonists. A patient would slowly wake up from the deep anesthesia and could only feel weakness, dizziness, dysmotility and sometimes discomfort in the throat and urethra. Still, there were no withdrawals symptoms anymore as they had taken place during sleep in pharmacological narcosis.

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• Getting off drugs painlessly as all opiate withdrawals take place while one unconsciously lies down with perception switched off.

• Getting off drugs rapidity due to opioid withdrawals acceleration by the means of antagonists and intensive elimination of morphine, heroin, tramadol, methadone, buprenorphine etc.

• Absence of psychological torment and internal struggle will I be able to go through this in difference of cold turkey getting off. More than 70% of no long acting opiates have already been withdrawn from the system by the end of ULTRA RAPID OPIATE DETOX .

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Some disadvantages of the ULTRA RAPID OPIOID DETOX

• Enormous stress for the brain and all other organs due to rapid opioid deprivation, intensification of unnoticed withdrawals and neurotransmission chaos - shock. Many neurophysiologic processes are deprived of normal regulations and transfer from opiate to non opiate homeostasis could be followed by expressed instability and dysfunction of vegetative and endocrine body regulations.

• Many hours of total anesthesia with biological functions like spontaneous breathing, artificial lung ventilation, massive stomach and intestines washing, urine diversion by the means of urethral catheter.

Risks, possible complications and after discomfort of such serious intervention could, at some degree, cross out the previously mentioned advantages.

• After the ULTRA RAPID OPIOID DETOXIFICATION, often takes 5-10 inpatients days of special rehabilitation or longer outpatient recovery of strength and functionality.

High and low points, rare, but unsafe complications and risks of ULTRA RAPID DETOX make us looking on indications and contraindications of the procedure very carefully; and to plan it with extreme care, by taking into consideration many individual characteristics of each individual case.

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